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1st day: AAOC RelayKomenda Image

Friday, 16. June 2017
Map: ISOM: 1:7500 - KOMENDA
First start: 16:30
GPS location: 46.201232, 14.567027
Terrain: Continental terrain with various vegetation features, from steep slopes to flat areas. Some interesting places waiting for you to be discovered.


2nd day: AAOC Middle distance (WRE)Kalce Image

 Sathurday, 17. June 2017, Cerkno CupCerkno Cup Logo image
 Map: ISOM 1:10.000 1:7500 - KALCE, status VI./2017
 First start: 10:00
 GPS location: 45.903416, 14.172971
 Terrain: Classical slovenian Karst - typical Cerkno Cup terrain.


2nd day: Sprint (SOL)Tivoli, Rožnik Image

Sathurday, 17. June 2017
Map 1:5.000 / 2,5m - TIVOLI, ROŽNIK
First start: in the afternoon
GPS location:
Terrain: The most beatiful park in Ljubljana in surroundings with forest and lots of open space with slight ascent on sout-west.
This time the competition will be extended from the Tivoli park to the Rožnik hill.

3rd day: AAOC Long distance (WRE)Rašica Image

Sunday, 18. June 2017
Map 1:10.000 / 5 m – RAŠICA
First start: in the morning
GPS location:
Terrain: Karst terrain with many sinkholes and depressions, many paths and partly thick.