Post date 29.10.2013

In cooperation with we prepared first accommodation packages in hotels in time of the competition.

More hotel and hostel accommodation soon to come ...

Find out more at Accommodation in Hotels.

OK Tivoli

Post date 26.10.2013

Feel free to watch our competition trailer #1 taken in Tivoli where sprint will take place on 3rd day of the competition.

OK Tivoli

Post date 21.10.2013

Orienteering was presented successfully at this year's Nature - Health Fail.

We were visited by the experts as well as beginners to orienteering, and some also tried our mini orienteering track.

 Presentation of orienteering image  Mini orienteering image

OK Tivoli

Post date 04.10.2013

Nature - Health Fair image Gospodarsko razstavišče, Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre image

At this year's Nature - Health Fair at Gospodarsko razstavišče, Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, you can also try mini orienteering. Map, scale, North. What is this?

Find our booth Slovenia 3 Days (OK Tivoli) and try the sport, which may change the way of your life. Find new friends and offer of a pleasant spending of free time.

It's never too late to start, you just need to decide!

Post date 02.10.2013

Slovenia in 3 Days submitted World Ranking Event (WRE) candidacy to Slovenian Orienteering Federation (OZS), which will forward application to International Orienteering Federation (IOF). This will make Saturday (21.6.2014) even more interesting and exciting competition day.

In addition in the context of Slovenia in 3 Days OZS approved the following competitions:
1st day, middle distance: school orienteering competition Slovenia Cup,
2nd day, long distance: Slovenian orienteering league (SOL 5),
3rd day, sprint: National championship in sprint.

One more reason that you book a weekend in June for running and straining brain muscles. Of course, we hope that there will be time left for socializing and making new friendships.

OK Tivoli