And we're back!

Slovenia in 3 Days Invitation image

Here is a new invitation for competition Slovenia in 3 Days for 2015!

We have carefully weighed the different options where to carry out a summer competition. The first day will take place in Ljubljana's Tivoli and Rožnik, on Saturday and Sunday on an interesting and difficult karst terrain in the south of the Ljubljana Moors.

The diverse terrain and thoughtful strategy of how to get as quickly as possible from point to point, socializing and making new friends, exploring the natural beauty and culinary delights. All this on the sunny side of the Alps!

Join us on competition Slovenia in 3 Days, which will be also considered for WRE, school orienteering competition Slovenian Cup, SOL and the National championship in middle distance.

The three-day event, which is worth being placed on your calendar for 2015!